Comfort Specialists is available to discuss a new installation, repairs or starting a maintenance plan to insure your HVAC system is working to both the systems standards and your expected comfort level.

New Commercial HVAC Installation

Comfort Specialists has installed new, state-of-the-art-energy efficient systems in office buildings, warehouses and restaurants for many years. The latest systems have WI-FI thermostats controlled using your smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere at anytime.

You set the time of day or night for your commercial system to turn on and off, with even more control over the temperature and humidity levels to perfect your comfort level. As HVAC professional technicians, we will optimize the system we install to match your building and desired comfort levels.

Comfort Specialists offers HVAC systems with Noise Suppression Technology Systems that are very quiet. Do you have an outside unit that is noisy and annoying to those inside the building? Your staff will appreciate not having to talk over a noisy outside unit. Your customers will appreciate it too!

Your circumstances are unique. Comfort Specialists has professionally trained staff to optimize your equipment using the latest technology. We perform tests and a walk-through with you as well as reviewing your new equipment options insuring your peace of mind and best system to meet your building and comfort needs.

Commercial System and Equipment Repairs

We repair all national brand systems with original manufactured parts to continue the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

If you notice something out of the ordinary, a part may be beginning to fail. If your system isn’t working properly, such as it running but not cooling, a part may have failed. We are available 24/7 at 504-218-7165 for immediate assistance or to schedule an appointment.

Any facility upgrade needs will be brought to your attention. For example, air drafts, failing insulation, and other air comfort problems are noted because they put an increased workload on your AC equipment, causing it to fail before its end life, as well as increasing your monthly energy costs.

Please review our slideshow to see pictures of the types of commercial HVAC equipment we have installed for customers of varying types of businesses.


Comfort Specialists Commercial Maintenance Plan

Did you know the air pressure in your business affects the humidity levels, otherwise known as improving your comfort levels? Comfort Specialists will bring your comfort level to what your equipment will allow to keep everyone comfortable and productive.

Our commercial maintenance plan is your reassurance to keep your energy costs the lowest as your system achieves your comfort level. The peace of mind knowing your business building energy costs are the lowest you can make them is what we strive to accomplish at Comfort Specialists.

New Orleans heat can cause stress on your system making it fluctuate from its efficiency. One adjustment can mean hundreds of dollars in savings. Our maintenance plan is an investment in saving monthly energy costs and to keep your system functioning to its optimal levels.