How To Maintain Your New Orleans Air Conditioner


inside-houseCheck your air filters at least monthly! If dirty, replace the air filter. If you have a washable air filter, make sure it is dry before reinstalling.

Clean your air duct openings! The dirt isn’t just on the outside air vent but also the first two feet inside the duct tubing. Turn off your AC and vacuum to prevent the dirt from being sucked into your AC unit.

Listen for abnormal noises or changes! Unusual clicking when you turn the AC on needs to be checked by Comfort Specialist.

Do you notice rooms not getting as cool as they once did? Make sure there aren’t any obstructions by the vents in the room. Also check the area in front of the vent where the air is being pulled into the AC unit.


IMG_0217The plants must keep their distance! Vegetation, trees and bushes prevent the amount of air needed for your unit to run efficiently. Cut vegetation back to keep the area free and clear of air obstructions.

Annual Comfort Specialists Inspections

We schedule a maintenance checkup now and then start on a yearly basis. With New Orleans heat, the beginning of the season to start is March to June.

Keeping your Comfort Specialist equipment in the best working order means efficiency for the unit and the lowest possible monthly energy costs.