Comfort Specialists can install new HVAC systems in unique Uptown New Orleans homes to multi-unit properties throughout the entire New Orleans metro area, parts of Louisiana and Arkansas.


Comfort Specialists Installation

New home or existing home we use technology and science to determine the size and design of the HVAC equipment that will cool and heat your home. You will have choices from the best HVAC equipment manufacturers, such as Lennox, Carrier, Trane and more, with as many options.

Your system can include air cleaners for those in your family with allergies. Our industry leading tools will show any air leaks to keep the unfiltered air out of your home.

Comfort Specialists Maintenance Plan

All equipment needs maintenance, with AC equipment in the New Orleans area needing more than most. Many days of continuous heat put stress on every AC system. We confirm your system is in good working order.

Calibrating your system to your home will make your system work as designed. You deserve the peace of mind as well.

Comfort Specialists HVAC Repairs

Parts reach their end life unexpectedly. Contact us once there is any change in how your system is working. Once a part fails, it can begin to affect other components that can damage your equipment, make your system work less efficiently…or worse.

A small investment in our maintenance program now will extend the life of your system to the manufacturer’s expectations. Often your system will get additional time before it needs to be replaced.